China carries out targeted poverty alleviation through energy projects: White paper
Calling energy an important impetus for poverty alleviation, China has introduced major energy projects in poverty-stricken areas to facilitate energy exploitation and add new momentum to local economy, according to a white paper released on Monday.
Poverty alleviation through healthcare bears fruit in Tibet, Xinjiang
Assistance by professionals from tertiary hospitals across China has helped health institutions in the country's remote regions of Tibet and Xinjiang improve their service capacity and management, contributing to poverty alleviation and improvement in the health of locals, a government official said Tuesday.
Xi congratulates International Forum on Sharing Poverty Reduction Experience
Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a letter of congratulations to the International Forum on Sharing Poverty Reduction Experience, which opened on Monday in Beijing.
Changes in most uninhabitable area: Understanding China's fight against poverty
Xihaigu was labeled the "most unfit place for human settlement" by the United Nations in the 1970s. Xihaigu's triumph over destitution, after reeling under poverty for centuries and carrying the tag of the most uninhabitable area on earth, offers a window into China's achievements in its war against poverty.

China's war on poverty

After gathering and organizing materials for half a year, the American-Chinese co-production team of "China's Poverty Alleviation at the Grassroots" immersed themselves into the local lives of China's rural poor in remote mountainous areas. With "targeted poverty alleviation" being the main topic, five simple but touching stories personalize the process and depict the measures of combating poverty.
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